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Re: [IPk] NICE guidelines (was Naive question)

In a message dated 3/26/2003 10:07:23 AM GMT Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Peronsally I am afraid that the above are far too open to interpretation:
> judging by the punitive attitudes toward people with diabetes of some health
> care professionals (plenty of examples of this in the archives of this 
> list),
> I suspect pumps will still be limited and many people will be accused of
> having an unsuitable lifestyle causing poor control, because they work
> irregular hours and basically do things that a non diabetic will take for
> granted
Hi Abi,

Couldn't agree more.

As soon as the NICE guidelines were published I reapplied for funding, and 
have just heard back from the PCT.  Not turned down outright, which is 
progress I suppose, but apparently this will have to go through a succession 
of meetings where it must be discussed etc, and they still think that the 
hospital trust should be the one coughing up. Prevarication or what!  I do 
happen to be one of those who meet NICE's harsh criteria, and my GP is as 
hopping mad as I am.

Still, I note that PCTs must implement the guidelines within three months 
(so...does that mean refunds? - I don't believe that things will be resolved 
locally by then!).

What experience have others had since the guidelines came out?

IDDM 30+ yrs, 508 2+ yrs
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