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[IPk] re Naive question

At present some people get everything supplied, or they buy the pump but get
consumables funded. Most people are fully self funding. I don't think there is
any half way situation where consumables are partially funded. NICE have now
published guidelines recommending funding for some according to strict
criteria like sever hypos needing help from another person or A1c> 7.5 despite
optimised MDI. Many people would not necessarily fall into these criteria but
the pump has still made a drastic improvement to health and quality of life.
Peronsally I am afraid that the above are far too open to interpretation:
judging by the punitive attitudes toward people with diabetes of some health
care professionals (plenty of examples of this in the archives of this list),
I suspect pumps will still be limited and many people will be accused of
having an unsuitable lifestyle causing poor control, because they work
irregular hours and basically do things that a non diabetic will take for
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