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[IPk] Re: Carbohydrate Counting

Hi Barbara

May I add a thought? 

Since the first principle of good control is to stop hypos, perhaps you 
should think about running Danielle's BGs a little higher than at present.  
If you are aiming for 5 - 6 for example, how about aiming for 7 - 8, perhaps 
only on days she has sports.  Best discuss this with your DSN before you 
make any decisions though! 


IDDM 34 years, D-Tron since Sept 02. 

email @ redacted writes: 

> Danielle does sports on two days of the week which takes place half an hour 
 > or an hour before she comes home. She always goes hypo on these two days and
> comes out of school drinking a can of coke.
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