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[IPk] Re: Carbohydrate Counting

In a message dated 24/03/2003 08:49:27 GMT Standard Time, email @ redacted 

> Two thoughts in light of the fact Danielle is going hypo a few hours after 
> lunch: a) does she have a sport or other physical activity just before? b) 
> perhaps, like Pat, she just needs a quite lower basal rate in the 
> afternoon.
> As Humalog is so fast-acting and doesn't stick around in one's system v. 
> long after peaking, I would put more money on reducing Danielle's 
> post-lunch 
> basal than on reducing her lunchtime bolus, though lowering both by a 
> little 
> bit may be the hot trick.
Danielle does sports on two days of the week which takes place half an hour 
or an hour before she comes home.  She always goes hypo on these two days and 
comes out of school drinking a can of coke.

I have reduced her lunchtime insulin today by 0.5.  I will do the same 
tomorrow if her blood sugar result is ok today.  I may even try reducing the 
afternoon basal rate as you say.  Thanks.
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