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RE: [IPk] Re: Carbohydrate Counting

Humalog is generally thought to be used up in 2-3hours as Melissa said, but
it can hang around for longer (possible causing hypos) under certain
circumstances. The best known one is when the same infusion site(s) is
continously used resulting in a build up of fatty tissue at the site. This
can dramatically slow insulin absorption. I can't remember how long Danielle
has been pumping for, but it might just be worth checking the sites.
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Two thoughts in light of the fact Danielle is going hypo a few hours after
lunch: a) does she have a sport or other physical activity just before? b)
perhaps, like Pat, she just needs a quite lower basal rate in the afternoon.

As Humalog is so fast-acting and doesn't stick around in one's system v.
long after peaking, I would put more money on reducing Danielle's post-lunch
basal than on reducing her lunchtime bolus, though lowering both by a little
bit may be the hot trick.

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