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[IPk] Re: Carbohydrate Counting

In a message dated 23/03/2003 02:03:32 GMT Standard Time, email @ redacted 

> but it may be that her carb absorption is being delayed to the extent that 
> the insulin is effectively geting there first, causing a hypo. If Danielle 
> has a high result later on this would tend to support that

Hello Mary

Danielle is going hypo at school at around 3 pm which is almost 3 hours after 
she has eaten her lunch.  I am going to try reducing the insulin by 0.5 I 

Abigail wrote:-

Although I am quite adept and estimating carbs I sometimes don't give myself
the full 1u per 10 g

Wow, that seems a lot of insulin to take.  Were you told to do this or is 
this what you have found you needed at first?

Pat wrote:-

I would try experimenting basing it on a 25g to 1 unit ratio (or, to put
it another way, bolus 0.4 units for every 10g CHO).

Thanks Pat.  I will try this.

Melissa wrote:-

2) Her carb:insulin ratio is different for lunch than it is for breakfast 
and/or dinner. Maybe she might need something like 12g carb : 1u. insulin at 
7 a.m., but her ratio could be 9g carb : 1u. insulin a few hours later. 
Personally, I have to bolus extra if I eat breakfast 'cos my dawn phenomenon 
is still on, even though my bg would be great if I didn't eat until lunch.

Yes Melissa, Danielle's ratio is different for breakfast.  For 2 slices of 
toast and a drink of semi-skimmed milk, she has to have 4 units or 4.5. For 
lunch, as you know, she has 2.5 and there is the same or sometimes more CHO 

Is total carb minus fibre what you meant by 'total' carbs?
No Melissa.  I have not really been told about what to do about fibre.  I 
will have to look into this.

Di wrote:-

I've had countless bad hypos an hour or two after eating them, especially 
when I eat
them with e.g. a meat dish such as chicken (rather than just on their own
with cheese and salad).

Yes, there is something to be said about the digestion of foods when you mix 
veg with meat.  I have heard before about meat dishes affecting the 
vegetables in your digestive system.  I know a man who was quite overweight 
until he stopped mixing the two types of foods together. 

Andrew D wrote:-

He started on a rate of 32.6 for all meals. We currently use 23 for 
25 for lunch/afternoon & 23 for tea/evening - so you can see how much it can
change. We have also changed a few basal rates, but not to the same extent.

Wow Andrew, I feel guilty now.  I am not this thorough.  I suppose you keep 
all your records up-to-date as well.  I will have to get to grips.

Thanks to everyone for all this helpful information.

Mum to Danielle aged 8, dx Aug 2001, on a 508 pump
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