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[IPk] Hypo Awareness



Re: ip-uk-digest V2 #359 - hyypo unawareness

 " Are you saying that the doctor that advises on the pump is only there
forthe technical side of things eg malfunction etc, or that he only deals
 withadjusting insulin ie specifics to the pump but does not look at
eyes feet etc, or that the doctor that was rude re hypos does not want to
see you re diabetes ?"

  The Dr that advises me on the pump deals with adjusting the insulin specific
to the pump and my tests, and doesnt look at the overall diabetes.

The rude Dr looks at all the other bits and pieces of the diabetes, but
doesnt want to know about the pump, and as I said, isnt in favour of
them.  Recently however, another UK patient has turned up on a pump, so
must find out how he is coping.


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