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Re: [IPk] Carbohydrate Counting

Yes, I do exactly the same. There are some things that I always take less
insulin for than their carb content indicates because I know from experience
I'll go low otherwise. And some things I'll take more for. Jacket potatoes
are, bizarrely, one of the biggest hypo-inducing foods for me! I've had
countless bad hypos an hour or two after eating them, especially when I eat
them with e.g. a meat dish such as chicken (rather than just on their own
with cheese and salad). Actually I never weigh anything, because I'm too
lazy, and after so many years of carb counting I've got guesstimating down
to a fine art!!!
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> > Does anyone else who counts carbs, count willy nilly like me or do you
> weigh
> > and check everything?  If I weighed it and gave the right amount, she
> would
> > hypo.
> >
> Yes
> Although I am quite adept and estimating carbs I sometimes don't give
> the full 1u per 10 g
> Sometimes I know that I will hypo if I do give it. Othertimes when BGs are
> high I increase the ratio in proportion to the increase in temporary basal
> rate. Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn't. I never count non
> starchy non haricot veg and I give my self some insulin for things like
> chick peas/ kidney beans etc but not the full 1unit per 10 g: usually
> 2/3 of this. I think some of the decsions are based on intuition, some
> experience of what BGsare and have been doing, and on whether a hypo would
> be particularly disastrous, as well as fat contents and glycaemic index.
> There is some inpredictability still and I am sure a lot of this is just a
> reflection of basal requirements altering. I should do more fasting tests
> see if these are correct, but I would be skipping a meal every day to
> on this as things are changing so much at the moment
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