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[IPk] re: Carbohydrate Counting

Hi Barbara,

 As others have said, if Danielle is going low a lot of the time, the likelihood
is that you need to tweak the insulin/carb ratio that you are using. We have had
to do this quite often for Sam - I guess this is normal for growing kids.

 He started on a rate of 32.6 for all meals. We currently use 23 for breakfast,
25 for lunch/afternoon & 23 for tea/evening - so you can see how much it can
change. We have also changed a few basal rates, but not to the same extent.

 Whenever we make a change, it's always a small one & we let it run for a few
days until we decide either to keep it or to change again.

Let us know how you get on.

Best wishes.

Father of Sam, 9 next week, dx Aug 1996
Minimed 508 Aug 2001

email @ redacted wrote:
>Hello everyone
>I must be the only one on these lists that doesn't count the carbohydrate as 
>it should be.  For example, if Danielle had an apple I would ask her to bolus 
>0.5 but if it was an extra large one (like those from New Zealand) I would 
>say 1.0 unit but that is very rare.  When she has an orange, I say 0.5 unit 
>and a packet of crisps are 1.0 unit no matter which variety.
>OK, so some of you might be wondering how I have come to this.  Well, I was 
>told to count the carbohydrate and work precisely with it while she is on the 
>pump (obviously because she has no background insulin apart from the basal 
>rate going in).  If I was to add up the carbohydrate in Danielle's lunchbox 
>by looking at the packet, she would be on the floor having a seizure.  Today, 
>she had 2 thick slices of bread with tuna, mayonnaise and sweetcorn, a tube 
>yoghurt, a chocolate biscuit bar and a drink of apple juice (some of it 
>natural apple).  The total carbohydrate should have been 60g which means 3 
>units for her but I put a note in that she should have 2.5 units and she 
>still went too low even though she was 11.0 before she ate her lunch.
>What I have found is that I can't count everything individually for lunch 
>etc.  I have to say, right, here is a meal of normal standard, ie, 
>sandwiches, yoghurt, biscuit and drink and give 2.5 units. The total 
>carbohydrate of this would be more if I read the individual labels but I 
>can't do it that way.
>Someone in her class said the other day "God Danielle, you go low every 
>single day" and she does.  Thing is, she is on a low basal rate and only 
>gives her insulin according to what she has eaten, less a half unit or so to 
>be on the safe side.
>Does anyone else who counts carbs, count willy nilly like me or do you weigh 
>and check everything?  If I weighed it and gave the right amount, she would 
>Mum to Danielle aged 8 dx Aug 2001, now on pump self-funded
>D myself etc
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