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Re: [IPk] Carbohydrate Counting

In a message dated 3/21/2003 11:21:25 PM GMT Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Does anyone else who counts carbs, count willy nilly like me or do you weigh 
> and check everything?  If I weighed it and gave the right amount, she would 
> hypo.
HI Barbara,

So sorry to hear that things haven't been going too well for Danielle.

One thing does strike me.

It seems from what you say that for high % carb foods such as fruit, Danielle 
has a predictable response.  However, the foods that you give her for lunch 
also contain reasonable amounts of fibre, fat and protein. Can't fault that! 
- but it may be that her carb absorption is being delayed to the extent that 
the insulin is effectively geting there first, causing a hypo. If Danielle 
has a high result later on this would tend to support that.

I do find that the carb details given on foods don't necessarily match what 
happens to me, in the same way that alcohol taken as dry wine or cider has no 
effect on my bg (I hasten to add that it can have an affect on others).  Low 
fat "weight watcher" type yoghurt, most veg, many fruits such as berries and 
oranges, protein, have no effect on my bg. But I can't take sugary things - 
if I do, bg through the roof and feeling ill within half an hour, unless 
hypo, even if planned in advance. No sugar in tea for me...  

We are all different and Danielle is no exception.  You have to find by trial 
and error what's right for her.  If you get good results without going by the 
book, then don't go by the book!

Best wishes,

IDDM 30+yrs, 508 2+ yrs
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