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[IPk] Carbohydrate Counting

Hello everyone

I must be the only one on these lists that doesn't count the carbohydrate as 
it should be.  For example, if Danielle had an apple I would ask her to bolus 
0.5 but if it was an extra large one (like those from New Zealand) I would 
say 1.0 unit but that is very rare.  When she has an orange, I say 0.5 unit 
and a packet of crisps are 1.0 unit no matter which variety.

OK, so some of you might be wondering how I have come to this.  Well, I was 
told to count the carbohydrate and work precisely with it while she is on the 
pump (obviously because she has no background insulin apart from the basal 
rate going in).  If I was to add up the carbohydrate in Danielle's lunchbox 
by looking at the packet, she would be on the floor having a seizure.  Today, 
she had 2 thick slices of bread with tuna, mayonnaise and sweetcorn, a tube 
yoghurt, a chocolate biscuit bar and a drink of apple juice (some of it 
natural apple).  The total carbohydrate should have been 60g which means 3 
units for her but I put a note in that she should have 2.5 units and she 
still went too low even though she was 11.0 before she ate her lunch.

What I have found is that I can't count everything individually for lunch 
etc.  I have to say, right, here is a meal of normal standard, ie, 
sandwiches, yoghurt, biscuit and drink and give 2.5 units. The total 
carbohydrate of this would be more if I read the individual labels but I 
can't do it that way.

Someone in her class said the other day "God Danielle, you go low every 
single day" and she does.  Thing is, she is on a low basal rate and only 
gives her insulin according to what she has eaten, less a half unit or so to 
be on the safe side.

Does anyone else who counts carbs, count willy nilly like me or do you weigh 
and check everything?  If I weighed it and gave the right amount, she would 

Mum to Danielle aged 8 dx Aug 2001, now on pump self-funded
D myself etc
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