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RE: [IPk] carbohydrate counting

Hi Kristina,

Sam was diagnosed at the age of 2, almost 7 years ago and we were
immediately introduced to the idea of "exchanges" which was a simple form of
carb counting.  I still have some of the material we were given, which I'm
happy to pass on if you're interested.

However, most packaging contains information on the contents these days.
Why not start by looking at labels on tins or packets and starting to think
about how much is being served up?  We didn't find it too difficult when Sam
started with his pump.  Now, over 18 months later, we can go into a
restaurant and order a plate of pasta or a pizza for him and take a pretty
good guess at the content just by looking at it.  We don't always get it
right(!), but we learn from our mistakes and of course, with a pump, you can
quickly correct if BGs go too high when you underestimate.

Good luck.

Father of Sam, 9 next week, dx Aug 1996
Minimed 508 Aug 2001

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today i went with my 9 year old daughter to the hospital to ask for a
pump for her.  this is something that we have been considering for a
while.  he wanted her to try mdi first but as i pointed out this is
totally impractical as she does not do her own injections at present.
with a bit of persuasion he is going to try and get her a pump although
we will need to go to another hospital initially as our consultant has no
experience of pump therapy as yet.  her hba1c today was 9.2 they have
suggested that whilst we wait we try and reduce her morning and evening
insulin doses to see if this helps as she is having fairly frequent
hypos.  the dietician wants her to start to learn more about the effects
that different foods have on the blood sugar and how carbohydrates, fats
,fibre etc  affect this.  they were both saying that it is really hard to
estimate the carbohydrate content of a meal and seemed to be trying to
put us off the idea of! a pump.  can anyone tell us if it really is that
hard.  i apprecite that in the beginning it must take a bit of learning
but is it really that bad.  she has really set her heart on getting one 
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