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RE: [IPk] carbohydrate counting

Kristina -

 re your daughter not doing injections at present... I just wanted to add my
 bit to what the others have said - I got diabetes when I was 4, and started
 doing my own injections aged 7 (I wanted to learn at home before my first
 diabetic camp!). I think I did a fair amount of practising in oranges etc,
 and the first one took about half an hour (watched by my teddy bear), while
 I couldn't quite pluck up courage to put the needle in, but it was well
 worth the persistence. Still a vivid, but not unpleasant memory 22 years
 The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, in conjunction with Bayer,
 provides teddy bears to newly diagnosed diabetics in some clinics now. They
 have special pads on which to practise injections and blood tests... If this
 might be an added inducement, see if your clinic know anything about them.
 Let me know if you want to take this up and get stuck. I do think that
 getting to grips with doing all that independently would be helpful before
 contemplating a pump.

 re the carb counting - we now know so much about how different carbohydrates
work that it must actually make learning about it seem more complicated in
 some ways. I think it is easiest to grasp the concepts of actual
 carbohydrate values first and then understand how they operate... It isn't
 really that hard though - and you don't need to go on with all the weighing
 and measuring once you have got your eye in, but you do need to do it at
 first. The packets are useful but don't always give cooked weight which may
 mean that to get an idea you have to cook pasta, rice etc in a separate
 portion. The worst place for hidden carbohydrate is in soups I think! But
 again they should have the info on the packet...

 DM 25+ years, H-Tron 2 years.. and strong supporter of having a calculator
 in the kitchen!

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