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Re: [IPk] carbohydrate counting

Hi Kristina,

Carbohydrate assessment or counting involves some maths, but it's not
advanced mathematics, just multiplication and division (and you don't
have to do it in your head - you can use a calculator or a piece of

At first, it's all very fiddly (scales, working out the sums), but most
people eat fairly much the same things, and so you get used

Do you have a house or flat?  If you've got the mathematical skills in
order to keep a mortgage being paid, or the rent being paid, then you've
got the mathematical skills to do CHO assessment.  

Best wishes,

(dm 30+, 508 1+, _not_ good at sums!)

In message <email @ redacted>, KRISTINA ROBINSON
<email @ redacted> writes
>today i went with my 9 year old daughter to the hospital to ask for a
>pump for her.  this is something that we have been considering for a
>while.  he wanted her to try mdi first but as i pointed out this is
>totally impractical as she does not do her own injections at present.
>with a bit of persuasion he is going to try and get her a pump although
>we will need to go to another hospital initially as our consultant has no
>experience of pump therapy as yet.  her hba1c today was 9.2 they have
>suggested that whilst we wait we try and reduce her morning and evening
>insulin doses to see if this helps as she is having fairly frequent
>hypos.  the dietician wants her to start to learn more about the effects
>that different foods have on the blood sugar and how carbohydrates, fats
>,fibre etc  affect this.  they were both saying that it is really hard to
>estimate the carbohydrate content of a meal and seemed to be trying to
>put us off the idea of! a pump.  can anyone tell us if it really is that
>hard.  i apprecite that in the beginning it must take a bit of learning
>but is it really that bad.  she has really set her heart on getting one 
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