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RE: [IPk] carbohydrate counting


 You must be extremely lucky that your consultant considers sending you to
someone who knows about pumps.
 Our consultant said that we would be risking our child's life if we used a
pump!!!! What rubbish! Our
 consultant also promised that he would refer us to another hospital because we
are not that happy with
 our daughters present regimen that was 3 months ago and we haven't heard a
thing. I assume that he has
 forgotten to write a letter of referral. I have been dealing with other health
problems and a broken arm
but I will be reminding him soon!!

 Its not difficult to learn carb counting. In the US and most other countries
you are not allowed to
 leave hospital with your child until you have learnt exchanges or carb
counting. I cant imagine why
 they don't teach people in the UK instead of saying the vague " eat a healthy
 I suppose DAFNE is an attempt to address this problem. Unfortunately not
available in all areas and not
available to children.

 We started carb counting a couple of years ago its not that hard, I am
definitely mathematically
challenged. If I can do it, anyone can.

 What we did was to work out the carbs in the meals that she normally ate and
write down the "standard
 meals" a few meals did get cold while we first started to calculate them. Lots
of foods even basic
 breads and cereal all have the carb amounts on the back. You do need a good set
of gram scales to start
 with to make it easier though. You can get a book by Collins with carb counts
of most basic food in.
 You can find it in W H Smiths at about 4 pounds. I am sure there are others who
can give you better
 advice. We can usually make a judgement by looking at the meal now but this may
not be accurate enough
 for pumping. I think you need to do a lot of weighing and checking to begin
with then you will get a
good idea how much carb is in certain meals.

So good luck with your quest.

Mum of Sasha aged 8 Diagnosed 1999

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> today i went with my 9 year old daughter to the hospital to ask for a
> pump for her.  this is something that we have been considering for a
> while.  he wanted her to try mdi first but as i pointed out this is
> totally impractical as she does not do her own injections at present.
> with a bit of persuasion he is going to try and get her a pump although
> we will need to go to another hospital initially as our consultant has no
> experience of pump therapy as yet.  her hba1c today was 9.2 they have
> suggested that whilst we wait we try and reduce her morning and evening
> insulin doses to see if this helps as she is having fairly frequent
> hypos.  the dietician wants her to start to learn more about the effects
> that different foods have on the blood sugar and how carbohydrates, fats
> ,fibre etc  affect this.  they were both saying that it is really hard to
> estimate the carbohydrate content of a meal and seemed to be trying to
> put us off the idea of! a pump.  can anyone tell us if it really is that
> hard.  i apprecite that in the beginning it must take a bit of learning
> but is it really that bad.  she has really set her heart on getting one
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