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Re: [IPk] Tighter control and hypo unawareness

>  I know I'm harping over old stuff, but it still bugs me that I was left
> such a dangerous situation and the companies involved denied all
> responsibility for the hypo unawareness. Did anyone else go through this
> here? And was was the explanation given to you? Just curious.
> Helen
> ----------------------------------------------------------
have you had a look at the insulin dependant diabetes trust website? I can't
find the address but DUK and insulin pumpers have a link
This recounts the bitter experience of many who had adverse effects from
human insulin. It's interesting to know you regained awareness . I was on
human as a teenager but went back onto pork at 17 ( on mdi and using a
syringe as there were no pork cartridges for pens). I had hypo awareness but
was experiencing huge fluctuations in BG on human. Things settled a little
on pork but I don't know if this was partly because I was more focused on my
diabetes as well At 26, a few months before going onto pump, I went back
onto human ( humalog and humulin I), because I wanted to get used to
humalog, intending to use it in the pump. I had had a year of impossible
control, running BG way to high to avoid very frequent unpredictable hypos
 although "I still had awareness). changing to human insulin did not make
things worse
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