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Re: [IPk] Re: ip-uk-digest V2 #359 - hyypo unawareness

In a message dated 19/03/03 14:53:47 GMT Standard Time, email @ redacted 

> >>If you don't have hypo awareness does this mean you aren't aware of high 
> bg's as well?  Because I don't have real symptons there either, and am 
> sometimes very surprised to realise I've reached 20.  Also I have 
> discovered 
> that I frequently have got such a thirst but am actually having a hypo.  
> Does this happen to anyone else??

Heather, sometimes I get a terrific thirst when my BG is low, especially if 
it's below 3.  In fact, if other symptoms are not present then it would be 
easy to mistake it for a high. But I always test at any odd symptom I get as 
they change so much and I do have other illnesses which make me feel lousy on 
their own, so I have to be sure.
Incidentally, the headaches with a low BG? Any one know what causes them? 
Coming out of the hypo doesn't help, nor does normal pain relief. They are a 
real 'pain' (literally)! 
On the subject of brain damage through hypo's, yes, it can happen. I know of 
two people who, due to repeated hypo's (and one due to hardly ever being 
above hypo as her parents insisted on such tight control) have epilepsy and 
mild learning difficulties. And these were normal, in fact intelligent, 
people. It seems such a fine line. 
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