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[IPk] Re: hyypo unawareness

Hi Heather
I don't believe there's any proven evidence that having lots of hypos damages 
your brain or your memory. Though of course it is a possibility.

I also don't think that hyper unawareness necessarily goes along with hypo 
unawareness, but again there's no reason why you couldn't have both. I find 
if I have a lot of hypos or I keep my BG too low, then I lose hypo awareness, 
but my hyper awareness becomes more sensitive. But if I have a lot of highs, 
then I start losing my hyper awareness (because I guess your body just gets 
used to being at that level). I usually feel crap if I'm above about 9 
mmol/l, though years ago I was happily running with BGs in the teens and felt 

> I have over the years become hypo unaware, and my consultant has
> encourgaged me to increase my bg level.  Over the past 6 months, I am now
> becoming more aware of them.  But what I found most interesting was I
> realised I had been ignoring my symptons before hand.  I'd been just too
> busy to attend to myself, or I'd just want to finish what was at hand etc. 
> I've begun to put myself first in this situation and believe this has also
> helped.  However at my last appointment he was very rude about the hypos I
> was still having and said the next time I saw him he didn't want to see
> anything below 4.  He has gone on and on about your memory being destroyed
> with the number of hypo's one has (at least I remembered that) and how I'll
> end up in a nursing home having to be fed!! (mentally I thought to myself -
> at least I won't know!). They also did a brain scan - found I did have a
> brain!!! and was typical of a 47 year old female.  The consultant is not
> very much in favour of pumps, I don't believe he really knows about them
> either.  I've been going to him for the last 18 months since arriving in
> Australia.  I actually travel to visit another Dr that advises me on the
> pump - he doesn't seem to what to see me regarding the diabetes.
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