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Re: [IPk] Tighter control and hypo unawareness

Thanks for all the helpful replies to my original mail on lowering BG's. It's 
easy for the clinic staff to say lower them to 4 or 5 but not so easy to do 
it, as many of you pointed out! 
On hypo's, I was changed over onto Human insulin form bovine about 16 years 
ago (roughly). I went to pick up my usual prescription and was told it was no 
longer available! I had to phone the diabetes clinic here and they contacted 
my GP who simply wroite another script out with the human insulin on. No 
follow up, nothing! The result? I went onto the new insulin three weeks 
before going on holiday to Slovenia. The holiday would have been great...but 
I spoent most of it in various stages of hypo's, with no warnings whatsoever. 
I had always had good warning signs up until then. When I say no warning, I 
mean exactly that! My BG would be fine on going out to wherever, then next 
thing I'd be lying on the ground being brought round by my husband. It was 
horrible for both of us. I'd never, ever had this before. On my return I 
didn't dare drive and life was not good. I dropped my dosage, etc., etc., but 
it made no difference. I tried to get appts at the clinic (my GP at the time 
didn't 'do' diabetes). I would make one, then my appts kept being cancelled 
at the clinic. I could not get any help by the phone as no one was ever 
available to speak to me. By the time I did get an appt (18months later)! 
that wasn't cancelled, it was only through a referral from my GP as the 
hospital had 'lost' all my notes and the fact I even had type 1!!! (I was dx 
at the age of 8 and have been in the same area all my life)!  By this time, 
the symptoms had started to return (I get a variety of symptoms, sometimes 
hunger, sometimes nausea, sometimes shaking, etc) I reported it to the 
diabetologist who poo-pooed the idea dn said it had probably been a 'phase' I 
was going through! Of course, since then I heard about all the people who had 
reactions exactly like I had. 
 I know I'm harping over old stuff, but it still bugs me that I was left in 
such a dangerous situation and the companies involved denied all 
responsibility for the hypo unawareness. Did anyone else go through this on 
here? And was was the explanation given to you? Just curious.
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