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Re: [IPk] Turned Down!

Hi Steve,

Definitely appeal against the decision, also think about getting your MP
involved, it's amazing how the PCT's mind set gets concentrated when an MP
start contacting them.

As mentioned in our telephone conversation you should emphasise your
"unsocial working hours" and the fact that although you were "stable" on
MDI, it was achieved with fluctuating BG's, i.e. lots of high readings,
lot's of lows with a nice "average" in the middle. Get your consultant to
confirm this.

NICE considers that insulin therapy has failed when someone has been
carefully trying to manage their diabetes but has been unable to keep blood
glucose levels within the recommended levels resulting in "disabling

This means that they have repeated and unpredictable hypo episodes for which
they need help from other people and which makes them anxious about the
episodes reoccurring and significantly spoiling their quality of life.

Structure your appeal with this in mind. Also mention that The same infusion
sets used for insulin pump therapy are also used in other treatments and are
being funded by the NHS. These include:

Continuous Diamorphine for pain control.
Infusion of Desferol for the treatment of chronic asthma.
The treatment of Thallasemia.
Heparin Infusion.
Hormone Infusion.
Anti-Emetic Infusion.
Subcutaneous Re-Hydration.

It is estimated that about 60-70% of infusion set usage is into non-diabetes
markets and are being funded by the NHS.

Finally, NICE guidance has to be implemented by your PCT within 3 months,
(as from 26 Feb 2003) and any decision made by your consultant has to be
made in consultation with you.

If you need any further help, please contact me on 01590 677911.


John Davis
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