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Re: [IPk] Turned Down!

Can anyone help  me with the issue of funding I have been iddm since 1999 and 
work in the ambulance service as a paramedic so good control to me is very 
important for my job.

I have asked for funding from my gp who in turn asked the pct who have said I 
do not meet the criteria as I  was stable on mdi and did not have disabling 
hypos what annoys me is if you control you condition well  pump therapy is 
not a option for funding.

  my argument is that with shift work and varied lifestyle a pump better 
deals with my conditon that mdi for example changing from days to nights was 
more diffcult on mdi than the pump and my control  has gone from 7.4 to 6.7 
since changing.

I want to stay on the pump but find the issue of funding it very diffcult can 
anyone help me on how to compose a letter for my pct and will i have any 

many thanks steve w
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