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[IPk] Re: Question on lowering BG's


I empathise with this situation as I have experienced similar suggestions.

I was diagnised with Type 1 in 1992, and up until last year I had been told 
to keep within the range of 6 - 9mmol by the specialist nurses, and I always 
considered a hypo to be under 5mmol.

When I went onto the pump in Feb. 2002 I began to read a lot more diabetes 
literature/advice, books such as 'Pumping Insulin'/Diabetes UK 
leaflets/articles/pump studies which suggest target BG's between 3.9 - 
6.7mmol before meals, and 7.8 - 10 after meals.  Not much leeway there 

I have since suggested that a reading 0f 7.8-10 within two hours of a large 
meal is unlikely (without taking more insulin and going hypo after 3-4 
hours).  I was told to disregard the test results after a meal, though still 
aim for fasting BG's below 6.

I find that on Humalog I feel hypo when my BG is around 5mmol, and this is 
true despite losing warning sings that I used to have with 

I think that these 4-6mmol targets are set as optimum goals, based on 
non-diabetic BG's.  For those of us used to running our BG's higher (perhaps 
not through choice), we may feel hypo between 4-6mmol.  Some of the pumpers 
here, such as Michael, have suggested that these hypo feelings will go away 
if BG's stabilise at a lower level (i.e. control gets better) and I hope 
this is true.  I am finding that the risks of running lower BG's are more 
frequent hypos and dull, thumping headaches.

The psychological issue is also important - I *like* having a blood sugar of 
5.5 as it makes me feel good and I am alert and energetic.  However, in the 
back of my mind, I know that it may decrease with the smallest amount of 
activity, and perhaps I run BG's a little higher as a result.  I think this 
is labelled as 'non-compliance' within the profession.......



IDDM 10 years, D-Tron Humalog Pumper - 13months


Date: Sun, 16 Mar 2003 12:00:16 EST
From: email @ redacted
Subject: [IPk] Question on lowering BG's

Here's a thing.
Twenty eight years ago when I was dx with type 1 at the age of 8, I was
stabilized at a BG of 7. Apparently, or so I've been told by my parents
from what I can remember from the nurses at the time, they tested my
and said this was the average BG so it would be the ideal one for me.
the last year, however, I've been told that my BG's should be in the
of 4 - 6 rather than 6 - 9. I've been told by the consultant and by the
to try and get used to lower BG's.
Now, what they didn't and couldn't, when I asked them, tell me is how I
used to them! I feel symptoms of a hypo around 5.9mmol/l. If my BG is
6.0 and
I leave it, more often than not it will continue to drop. At 5.0 or
lower I
am hypo and not able to carry out my normal activities. I know that
people do
cope OK at these BG's and that these are 'normal' for most of the
and much better control together with less risk of complications can
occur. I
was told that when I was dx, 7 was the norm to be stabilized at but that
changed now, and rightly so. But what I need to know is, how do I lower
without feeling hypo? Has anyone had any experience of doing this?
time out to get used to this is not an option, with two kids and a job.
have tried, (had a low run these past few days) by not correcting my BG
it was 5.5 or near to that, but I ended up with a stinking headache and
feeling nauseous.
The interesting thing is, although neither of my parents nor my brothers
diabetes, my dad and my brother both suffer from mild feelings of
hypoglyceamia and have to eat regularly. My dad feels 'hypo' when he is
7 and the doc checked my brothers BG and he is the same. Don't know
this has any bearing on things or is just coincidence.
Any advice will be gratefully received!

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