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Re: [IPk] Turned Down!

Hi Bev,

Many thanks for your reply and the helpful comments. I'll keep you up to
date with how things go.


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> Graham
> I was sorry to read your e-mail and can understand your
> frustration.  I have lost over a stone since I got my pump
> (from the top end of a normal weight range for my height to
> the lower-middle part of the range).  You require less
> insulin on a pump and therefore there is some element of
> weight loss even without a reduction in food intake.  The
> main factor in my losing weight was however fewer hypos, the
> ability to skip meals (I often skip lunch or just have fruit)
> and the fact that it is so much easier to exercise.
> I know some people to gain weight.  This is thought to be
> because either they were used to having higher average blood
> glucose levels prior to the pump (which suppresses appetite)
> and therefore when they establish more normal blood sugar
> levels their appetite returns with a vengeance or that the
> ability to eat more or less what you want when you want is
> irresistible!!
> In short it does not almost inevitably lead to weight gain.
> Indeed I feel that if you made no effort to change your
> eating/exercise habits you would in fact lose a little weight
> just because you would be taking less insulin but it does
> offer the potential to make weight loss easier.
> Bev
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> Subject: [IPk] Turned Down!
>  In the profile I recently prepared when I joined the
> discussion group I said I
> was waiting to hear about the possibility of starting to use
> a pump.
>  Well, I've just received a letter from the doctor I've been
> seeing at my
> Diabetes Clinic. I'm quoting the relevant section below:
>  "He [the consultant] feels that in your particular case this
> would not be a
> suitable form of treatment primarily because it would almost
> inevitably lead to
> significant weight-gain. He is delighted with your present
> progress and feels
> that you may well come down to a relatively small dose of
> insulin in due course
> particularly if the weight keeps moving in the right
> direction."
>  I currently take 3x56 units of Actrapid and 1x44 units of
> Insulatard each day.
> This is a reduction on what it has been, but with the "help"
> of Metformin
> tablets. (I say "help" because, as some of you may know,
> there are some rather
> unpleasant side effects of Metformin, and I've just about had
> it of the side
> effects after 6 months. Unfortunately I am WAY overwieght and
> I've been told at
> the clinic that taking the Metformin to reduce the insulin
> dose is the way to
> get my weight down.)
>  As I am going to have to prepare a suitable response to the
> consultant, Id be
> interested to hear your personal opinion about this, as well
> as how any other
> people who have had similar responses have got on (and
> whether people do,
> "inevitably," suffer significant weight gain). Id also be
> grateful if you could
> give me the benefit of your experience as to what might be
> the best angle of
> "attack" in my reply.
> Many thanks for your help,
> Graham
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