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Re: [IPk] Turned Down!


A HUGE thank you for your reply, and all the references you provided. I
don't think the consultant is going to know what's hit him!


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> At 06:13 PM 17/03/2003, you wrote:
> >insulin on a pump and therefore there is some element of
> >weight loss even without a reduction in food intake.  The
> >main factor in my losing weight was however fewer hypos, the
> >ability to skip meals (I often skip lunch or just have fruit)
> >and the fact that it is so much easier to exercise.
> >
> >I know some people to gain weight.  This is thought to be
> >because either they were used to having higher average blood
> >glucose levels prior to the pump (which suppresses appetite)
> >and therefore when they establish more normal blood sugar
> >levels their appetite returns with a vengeance or that the
> >ability to eat more or less what you want when you want is
> >irresistible!!
> While much of the above is true, I put on weight initially BOTH times I
> have gone onto a pump. This is because to get decent blood sugar control,
> you generally require more insulin; with more insulin and proper glycemia
> your body is able to process and metabolise foods properly, so you tend to
> add weight (previously you have had insufficient insulin and thus much of
> what you eat is not metabolised properly and is excreted as urinary sugar
> and other wastes). The article I referred you to previously does discuss
> this in more depth.
> I would add, however, that once control is established properly, weight
> loss is very easy on a pump if you make a small effort, as you no longer
> have to "feed" your insulin, and you are able to adjust your insulin
> so very quickly that you can maintain control while (theoretically at
> least!) not having multiple hypos!
> One study I read about a few days ago (and can't find now!) looking at
> weight gain/loss with the start of CSII showed that about 60% of people
> on weight, 10-20% remained stable, and the other 20-30% actually lost
> weight ... so it is by no means "inevitable" that you will gain weight! If
> you are motivated to test frequently (and by this I mean *around* 8
> times/day - I personally test anywhere from 6-16 times daily) and are
> capable of adjusting your basals and boluses appropriately, there is
> absolutely no reason you should gain weight at all. Studies and sites that
> will support your claim include:
> http://www.medforum.nl/idm/insulin_pump_therapy_in____.htm
> http://www.aace.com/pub/ep/200003ep.php#art1
> http://www.diabetes-mellitus.org/csii.htm
> http://www.geocities.com/Vienna/Strasse/5726/input/pumpreview/ (INPUT ..
> thank you John!)
> http://www.postgradmed.com/issues/2002/05_02/bode3.htm
> www.diabetes.org.uk/infocentre/inform/pump.doc
> http://www.pump-it.org.uk/pumptherapy.htm
> http://www.tcoyd.org/main/edelmans_corner/archives3.html
> Therre are lots more out there if you're prepared to search; I hope some
> those are helpful!
> I've recently lost 6.5kg in about 8 weeks, simply through testing,
> adjusting my food and exercise patterns, and varying insulin rates as
> appropriate. If *I* can do it, anyone can! And I can assure you that
> despite repeated attempts on MDI, I couldn't do it then, no matter how
> I tried.
> Best of luck, Graham.
> Tori
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