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Re: [IPk] Flying

In a message dated 3/17/2003 6:52:56 PM GMT Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> First the card.  I've seen translations before and carry a note which
> probably came from Balance a long time ago.  In English it says:
>     "I am a diabetic having daily insulin.  If I am found ill please give me
> two tablespoons of sugar in water.  There should be sugar in my pocket or
> bag.  If I am unconscious or do not recover, please call a doctor or
> ambulance."
> Not exactly the words I would have chosen, but I will type out the French,
> Italian and German versions if it would help.
Hi Martin,

Yes, I do recall that...

Thanks very much for your offer, and in my opinion it would be useful for any 
diabetic on medication to carry something like that about their person.  
However, the issue I was after was if a version exists which is universally 
(or almost so) recognised and accepted - possession of card = diabetic = OK.  
I guess that sounds simplistic these days, particularly after reading Pat's 
insightful comments, it would presumably be too easy to falsify.  

I did have a spot of bother at Bournemouth airport last year, when they 
searched my personal luggage and wanted me to put my insulin pens (backup) in 
the hold.  Although I could have removed the insulin vials, once I'd 
explained that I needed a functioning pen with me in case of pump problems 
there was no argument.  Thankfully it would appear that this event was not 
witnessed by a terrorist....(you were saying, Pat? :)  )

For the States at least, you just have to have a bottle of insulin with a 
pharmacist's label on it.  I guess that would hold for anywhere in Europe 
(most of the text on my current bottle of insulin is in Greek!), apart from 
Guernsey :(   I travel frequently and have found this a really useful topic, 
and I'd appreciate hearing of experiences in other parts of the world.

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