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[IPk] Flying

My thanks to those commenting recently about travelling with a pump (and
for all the other items).

First the card.  I've seen translations before and carry a note which
probably came from Balance a long time ago.  In English it says:
	"I am a diabetic having daily insulin.  If I am found ill please give me
two tablespoons of sugar in water.  There should be sugar in my pocket or
bag.  If I am unconscious or do not recover, please call a doctor or
Not exactly the words I would have chosen, but I will type out the French,
Italian and German versions if it would help.
In fact I always use one or two glucose tablets when needed ("Dextro
energy") as I am used to how effective they are and how soon.

Second the body search.  I always used to let the alarm ring at the check
point and show the checker (usually in a booth).  They used to be
interested, but now came to regard it as a routine.  Now I simply put all
metal into a jacket pocket going through the x-ray checker, and the alarm
no longer sounds off so I do not raise the subject.  It just saves time and
avoids complication.  My current pump is a MiniMed 506.

Third the doctor's letter.  I carry one (in English only), but do not
recall using it.

I  started on the pump in 1983 and used to travel quite a lot.

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