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Re: [IPk] Re: Flying (again)

Hi ..
I put this experience down to one uneducated individual and a lack of 
communication between the two carrier airlines. I am all for extra security 
at airports (being a very nervous traveller)! After all, it is for all our 
own safety these stringent checks are carried out. I don't mind being 
searched and go along with whatever they ask. If you get aggresive and argue, 
life will be harder for you. These people are, after all, only doing their 
jobs. I have always carried a letter and have always informed airlines before 
flying. That way, there can be no come back on me by them saying they weren't 
informed. (Although, due to the lack of communication between the two 
carriers at Washington, this did happen, but through no fault of my own). 
Incidentally, I wouldn't have been able to get on a later flight. (Last one 
of the day that day, people waiting at PHL for me to arrive, etc). I checked 
in at Manchester nearly 4 hours before time, and my conncection from 
Washington to Philadelphia had only 3/4 hour to spare. But, as this was the 
MAN - PHL flight I was booked on, then this shouldn't have mattered. In the 
end, it turned out it did and now the airline in question have discontinued 
that particular route for the reason that you couldn't arrive earlier enough 
for the check in at Washington!
Pat, you say that you need a label. Would a pharmacy print these off so they 
would go on all the items? My pens aren't labelled as I got them from the 
DSN. I will make sure that these are in place this time. I didn't know that 
the last time. Thanks. 
Also, you say they try and keep the fact quiet that you may be carrying 
sharps? I can understand that but this was most definitely not my experience. 
On the way back, as I say I was classed as 'high security' (the staff at PHL 
told me as I checked in and were very apologetic. They told me so as I was 
aware that I would be watched carefully and thoroughly searched at each 
checkpoint and gate). And boy, they kept to their word! I was searched at all 
points, bodily and my luggage/hand luggage. The stuff got taken in and out 
more times than I can remember! I had two personnel checking every single 
item of my hand luggage at the third search before boarding at PHL, passing 
each item between them and reconfirming what it was. Everyone in that line 
behind me could plainly see what I was carrying and could hear them talking 
about the insulin, sharps, etc. The same had happened during the searches 
when I arrived at check in at PHL. Lovely staff but in front of a line of 
people and right next to a downward escalator. No privacy at all. There was 
certainly no attempt to keep it quiet and hidden from others. Any terrorist 
could have had a really good view! 
Anyhow, I am sticking to US airways policy and will get those labels. They 
say a prescription would be good, too, and I know my friend in the US whose 
son is type 1 always carries a script as evidence. 
BW Helen 
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