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Re: [IPk] Re: Flying (again)


Wow! Do you work in security or with an airline or what? This was just 
awesome, thanks for letting us know!


At 06:39 PM 17/03/2003, you wrote:

>Confusion rather than b/s: you need to prove that you need the sharps
>for medical reasons, and the way the US govt. demands you do this is by
>having the medication (i.e. insulin) with your name (must be same as
>passport name!) on it.
>Some govts. say you must have a doctor's letter, rather than the
>medication, but the US recons it's easy to forge a doctor's letter, and
>a bit more difficult to forge a pharmacy label.
>You don't need a label on _everything_, just one bottle of insulin.
>The us insulin pumpers site has a link to the us govt. website where all
>this is lain out fair and square (and those of us who work for
>government can see that security have a pretty much identical set of
>desk instructions).
>As to being a security risk: yes, a diabetic with sharps _is_ a security
>risk, if identified to other passengers - not because a diabetic's going
>to try and take over the plane with his or her syringes, but because
>there may be a terrorist onboard, looking for an opportunity.  This is
>why airlines (although this message doesn't always get down to
>employees) and security (ditto), want diabetics to get through screening
>without being searched.  They don' _want_ to know you are carrying
>sharps.  They want you to look just like any other passenger.
>Best wishes,
>(dm 30+, 508 1+, just back from Palermo, via Roma on the out, Milano on
>the back, 2 hrs late due to missed connection, six-course dinners, five-
>course lunches, and a bg of 6.2 this morning - _no_ bother!)

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