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[IPk] Helen: lowering BGs

Personally I think that if you manage to keep BGs from 6 to 9 you are doing v.
well and you need a larger range than the non diabetic range due to the
tendancy of diabetic BGs to fluctuate. I think it all depends on hypo
symptoms, number of hypos without symptoms ( which is obviously more
worrying,) your A1c and a host of other things. It is unrealistic to expect
BGs to stay 4 to 6 all the time .It is obviously a good idea to aim for this
if it doesn't result in too many hypos or hypo symptoms but I don't believe we
should be beating ourselves up if we can't achieve this. People are being made
to feel a failure if they have a BG of 10 mmols or 7.8 mmols. I am still
personally reasonably happy with this type of reading and would only adjust
basals if getting BGs consistantly above 10 mmols. If you readings look " ok"
but A1c is still too high this is obviously somthing that needs to be
addressed. You mentuioned before that you have an A1c in the 7s but are still
getting troublesome hypos  and large fluctuations in BG and in my opinion
these need to be adressed as well. You have a right to a quality of life and
to function as a normal individual and I think that this is an area where
diabetics are being let down still. Hypo symptoms at normal readings will go
if you persist in trying to get them down but you don't want to go the other
extreme and loose awareness  . it could be that you experience symptoms at 5
becasue your BG has been dropping rapidly or is still dropping
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