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Re: [IPk] Re:Funding

Hi Ian

I went back to Guys earlier this month and got the go ahead to keep the pump
from Prof. Pickup.  When I questioned him re the funding he told me that I
was funded now.  However, when I rang Minimed for more supplies last week
they asked me how I would be paying and seemed very surprised when I said I
was funded!  Prof. Pickup said to tell them to sort it out with Guy's as I'm
under a different PCT so I'll just have to wait and see if anything arrives.

Karen Hennessy

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> Dear All,
> Just had phone call from Pump Nurse at Guy's Hospital to tell me that as
> from 1st April I will be fully funded. I have not discovered who is
> (I live in Tower Hamlets) but I understand my Consultant, Prof. John
> made the application on my behalf - my GP was not involved.
> As I have had pump for 20+ years I assume I qualified under the NICE
> section that deals with existing pumpers and the question of going back to
> injections. Would seem a bit silly after all this time!
> Anyway, seems things are moving in right direction.
> Ian Grant
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