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[IPk] re Nicholas Ridgeway

regarding question re driving ( sorry riding a motorbike but I assume the
rules are the same)
You must inform the DVLA and your insurers of the diagnosis
Driving is permitted once the condition is stabilised and you can recognise
the symptoms of low blood sugar. I assume riding a motorbike is the same
Hypos can potentially cause accidents so test before you ride, have glucose
with you and test at intervals if on a long journey. If below 4 mmols stop and
do not drive until fully recovered
Your team are negligent if they have not been over this with you

You mentioned before that you are on twice daily mix. Most people on this list
are on a pump or multiple ( 4 or more injections) both of which gives more
scope for improved control and adjusting your insulin to fit food intake
activity levels etc
You are probabley feeling bewildered from the diagnosis still. There is a lot
to take in and diabetes education is not always what it should be. Any
particular questions...?
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