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Re: [IPk] RE:Good News

Good luck on your pump trial. It seems that the PCT's are basically ignoring 
the guidelines for now! I was told by the DSN here, who is fully supporting 
my need for a pump, that the stance for our PCT is they will only part fund 
pumps, if they are warranted, but not fully. I just found out the only other 
person a pump in this area, who went on it last year due to being allergic to 
all insulins, has had to part fund hers! I see my cons in May (no earlier 
appt available) and intend to push things ahead then. Incidentally, can 
anyone say how long it usually takes for a pump issue to go through a PCT? If 
say, I wrote a letter and my consultant backed me in May, how many 
weeks/months would it be before I got the pump? (If funding was successful). 
Just curious.
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