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Re: [IPk] Re: Flying (again)

I've flown a few times and twice to the USA. Never had problems but always 
carried a doctors letter (if your GP or consultant is OK they don't usually 
charge for this) to say I was type 1 and had to carry syringes, etc. However, 
last April I ran into a few problems with United Airlines at Washington 
Dulles Airport. I had shown the letter and informed the airline by telephone 
beforehand that I would be travelling alone and would be carrying sharps in 
my hand luggage. My first leg of the flight was with BMI, who just checked 
the letter, then supposedly faxed it through to Washington/United airlines as 
the change over was tight (about 1/2 hour to connect). All fine until then. 
But got stopped by the most rude and generally difficult female security 
person on my way to the aircraft. She turned me back and insisted on 
searching my hand luggage. I almost missed the flight. Then was told that it 
was United's policy not to allow anyone to carry sharps of any type onto the 
aircraft and my previously cleared hand luggage was too large for their 
plane. It was taken from me, physically, and put into the hold. I had nothing 
with me, not even my passport, as I had not been given time to take anything 
from my bag due to the delay being searched. Anyhow, on my return I was 
classed as 'high security risk'! It was so humiliating! 
The upshot was I wrote to the airline. They said that they had not had the 
letter faxed through to Uniteds desk, (but I did show it). They also said my 
meds didn't have my name on a pharmacy label on them. OK, some did but my pen 
devices (two in hand luggage plus spares in cases) did not. (When they're in 
use you can't)! Plus, I had spare cartridges in my bag without labels. They 
also reiterated Uniteds policy on no sharps. 
Well, we plan to fly to the US again in July, as a family. I have looked at 
the policy of US airways, who we will be using this time. Theirs is that 
these items can be carried on but each item MUST have a professionally 
printed drs or pharmacy label or accompanying prescription with my name on. 
Plus, the airline must be informed beforehand and a drs letter MUST be 
carried. It's well worth visiting the airlines site first and phoning each 
carrier beforehand.
I know all this is only for the security of all those involved, espec after 
Sept 11th. I will try somehow to get labels for these items...I'll ask my 
pharmacist who is very obliging. And i'll try and get unfilled prescriptions, 
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