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[IPk] Re: Flying (again)

Dear All,
I fly fairly often and usually adopt attitude of keeping quiet - never had 
any problems. However on recent Cyprus Airways flight they put out a call 
for an insulin dependant diabetic (apparently they have given up asking for 
Doctors!). It turned out that there was a newly diagnosed diabetic on flight 
who had her insulin but had put her syringes in hold luggage having read 
security notices. She needed insulin and so they were looking for a syringe. 
Luckily I always carry a few sterile ones just in case, so was able to help. 
My reward? A happy diabetic, upgrade to business class and a bottle of 
vintage champagne.
I flew recently from Inverness to London with some friends on Easyjet. At 
check in I was going to adopt my usual silent approach but one of my friends 
said in a loud voice that I had syringes! Easyjet and security were totally 
relaxed BUT when it came to boarding we were asked to preboard because I was 
a diabetic! Thus we avoided the usual scrum of boarding an Easyjet flight. 
Therefore I recommend telling Easyjet that you are diabetic.

Ian Grant

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