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Re: [IPk] turned down!


Thank you for your e-mail.

I don't have many hypos, and those I do have tend to be more often at night
(although there's not too many of them). This is possibly because, to be
honest, I probably err on the safe side during the day. My job is demanding,
with a lot of tight deadlines and meetings. These deadlines must be met and,
as you can imagine, one can rarely be sure when a meeting will finish. My
blood sugars therefore tend to be more in the high 6's and 7's, with a few
8's, and this prevents day time hypos. I'd much rather be consistently in
the high 5's and 6's, with a few 7's though

That said, I have been testing 4 times a day since my last clinic (to show I
have the discipline to test frequently) and have found a huge swing in the
results. They have ranged from 2.8 (during a hypo) and 14.2, with an average
of 8.5, and a morning average of 8.9. (Until I read some articles and
discussion items on this web site, I was always under the impression that a
good HbA1 was highly positive - now I know different. I guess I should have
thought more carefully - an average is exactly that, and it will inevitably
reflect higher and lower BS levels.)

Thanks for your help,


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> if you are having to snack at times to prevent hypos due to long acting
> insulin then a pump could help with weight loss ( as long as you don't
> advantage of insulin at the push of a button and regularly indulge in
> food/ treats)
> on the pump I have on occasions had salad for lunch with no carbs or just
> couple of ryvita ( not that I am overweight). Before the pump , even on
> would find this difficult unless BG before lunch was way too high
> If the consultant means that weight gain will occur as a result of
> in control then this is a very false argument against the pump. The pump
> improves control without frequent hypos/ need for snacks. Often insulin
> consumption is lowered. Your consultant's arguments are weak. Do you have
> hypos on MDI? are you having to snack frequently to prevent this?
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