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Re: [IPk] What does it mean?

I used to get this feeling when I was younger. Often on the way into school 
(yes, much younger)! I didn't have any blood testing equipment then (that 
long ago)! But I never actually went 'hypo' and was fine all day thereafter. 
But looking back, I think it was caused, at this time, by low BG's that 
righted themselves as breakfast kicked in plus the morning highs I get.
 However, a few years ago I was out walking with my family, up a steep 
hillside, and I began to stagger to the side, as though someone was pulling 
me over, and fell twice. I was scared and tested my blood on getting back to 
the car. It was fine. I tried to ignore the feeling. It came and went over 
the next couple of weeks and then got more severe and happened nearly every 
day. I went to the docs and he dx an inner ear infection, which was causing 
the vertigo. The feeling would come on, after the initial week or so, even by 
turning my head slightly to one side or watching a moving screen, such as a 
PC game. I was surprised it was an ear infection as I hadn't felt any pain or 
even had a cold or been ill, blood sugars had been fine. But apparently the 
only symptom of this type of infection is the vertigo and eventually the 
sickness that causes. He gave me a course of anti nausea tabs (stemetol) and 
it cleared up after another two weeks. I haven't had it since.
If I were you, I would get checked out by your GP. It could be this or could 
be something else. Whatever, sounds like it needs looking at.
Good luck.
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