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Re: [IPk] What does it mean?

In a message dated 3/14/2003 7:27:56 PM GMT Standard Time, email @ redacted 

> I don't know if anyone else has experienced this before. I am trying to see 
> if
> it is something to do with diabetes or not.. I was walking home earlier and 
> I
> felt like someone was stroking my face and my legs forced me to the left. I 
> fell
> over and couldn't do anything for about a minute or so. Apart from feeling
> stupid it was quite scary. When I got home my blood was fine. I suppose 
> what I'm
> trying to do is find an answer to it because I've never had that happen to 
> me
> before. if anyone has any suggestions, I'd be grateful.
Hi Julian,

Probably nothing to worry about, but if you:

have experienced this before / been diabetic for a long time (say over 15 
years) / were diagnosed later in life, say after your 20s, no matter how long 
you've been diabetic / have high blood pressure / have any diabetic 
complications / have any other medical problems, including neurolgical or any 
alcohol issues,

then could be something going on and my advice would be to see your GP.

I won't bore you with medicalese, particularly as all I have to go on is your 
email, but the worst case scenario would be something like a transient 
ischaemic attack - unlikely unless you have any risk factors as listed above.

With my lay hat on now, I have heard of (and experienced myself, as have 
other folk I know well) similar episodes which seem to be related to 
aspartame ingestion, mainly in soft drinks.  Friends trying to lose weight, 
myself just being diabetic, but we were each drinking over a litre of soft 
drink daily. This seems to disappear when the soft drink or product is 
discontinued. My comments are purely anecdotal, and studies have been carried 
out which have not formally identified any such problem.

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