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[IPk] Turned Down!

 In the profile I recently prepared when I joined the discussion group I said I
was waiting to hear about the possibility of starting to use a pump.

 Well, I've just received a letter from the doctor I've been seeing at my
Diabetes Clinic. I'm quoting the relevant section below:

 "He [the consultant] feels that in your particular case this would not be a
suitable form of treatment primarily because it would almost inevitably lead to
significant weight-gain. He is delighted with your present progress and feels
that you may well come down to a relatively small dose of insulin in due course
particularly if the weight keeps moving in the right direction."

 I currently take 3x56 units of Actrapid and 1x44 units of Insulatard each day.
This is a reduction on what it has been, but with the "help" of Metformin
tablets. (I say "help" because, as some of you may know, there are some rather
unpleasant side effects of Metformin, and I've just about had it of the side
effects after 6 months. Unfortunately I am WAY overwieght and I've been told at
the clinic that taking the Metformin to reduce the insulin dose is the way to
get my weight down.)

 As I am going to have to prepare a suitable response to the consultant, Id be
interested to hear your personal opinion about this, as well as how any other
people who have had similar responses have got on (and whether people do,
"inevitably," suffer significant weight gain). Id also be grateful if you could
give me the benefit of your experience as to what might be the best angle of
"attack" in my reply.

Many thanks for your help,

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