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Re: [IPk] Anyone in Scotland

Hi Graham,

I would say to do some bg tests (BT sounds like British Telecom to me ;'> ) 
in the middle of the night and *definitely* to do some post-prandial (after 
meal) ones between now and your clinic appointment. If you're testing an 
average of 4 times per day, I'd bet that means fasting, before lunch, before 
dinner, and at bedtime. But knowing what your lunchtime insulin is doing by 
teatime is v. good info. If you go to bed at 11, a few (i.e., 
occasional--not every night!) 2 a.m. tests will show whether you're going 
high or low or doing well over the several hours between bed and waking. 
Your argument for a pump will only be strengthened if you can show with 
numbers that your current regimen is working only as well as you feel like 
it is. As we all whinge on a regular basis, many doctors don't understand 
the convenience/inconvenience/quality-of-life factors terribly well and they 
want the 'bottom line' in figures.

If you bump up your average number of tests to 6 per day now, you will learn 
a lot about your metabolism and insulin requirements (things you'll need to 
know getting started on a pump anyway), you'll be able to show what's 
working and what's not, and you'll show enthusiasm for tighter control. I'm 
not alone in testing my bg an average of 7 times/day, though some pumpers 
manage on 5 to 6 most days.

Good luck,

IDDM 9+ years; MiniMed pumper 6+ years
Co-ordinator, Oxford University Student Union Diabetes Network

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