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[IPk] Anyone in Scotland

Hi Susan,

Ive just joined the Insulin Pumpers discussion group, mainly because Ive
read up on pumps, felt that a pump might be the way forward for me,
discussed it with the doctor at my last diabetes clinic, and received a
reasonably favourable response from her. However, although she is based at
the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, she didnt know if they used pumps in their

I return to the clinic in 4 weeks for a routine appointment and hope to find
out about a pump at that time. I was delighted to hear about the NICE (and
Health Technology Board for Scotland) recommendations regarding pumps, but
your message has really been the icing on the cake. I do hope that the Royal
Infirmary will consider me a suitable patient for a pump.

Out of interest, can you suggest any way I should prepare myself ahead of my
next appointment? I have been doing 4 BTs a day since my last hospital
appointment, to show I am prepared to do the extra BTs. Do you know if the
Health Board is helping with the purchase of pumps yet? What help (if any)
do you get with your ongoing monthly requirements?

Looking forward to hearing from you,


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