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[IPk] Fw: Dr Knight: was times article

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From: Abigail King
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Sent: Wednesday, March 12, 2003 5:06 PM
Subject: Dr Knight: was times article

Dr Knight published a letter in the BMJ in autumn 2001 in response to an
editorial re pumps
It was about a  death which occured in the early 1980s
I undserstnad pateints were not carefully selected, pumps were not as
reliable, BG monitoing was more cumbersome. and perhaps healthcare
professionals were less alert to the potential of DKA developping rapidly
THere was at least one death and several severe cases of DKA. But this ground
is covered thoroughly in pump eduction. No one highlighted the number of
deaths from DKA in people on insulin injections as well as increased potential
for complications/ severe hypos etc. At the end of the day DKA can develop on
either therapy and the only difference is perhaps that it can occur more
rapidly on a pump
There was a very angry response on this group and several of us sent inletters
whicih are published on the BMJ website. I can't find the link but it would be
in the archives
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