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Re: [IPk] Basal rate testing

At 07:56 AM 13/03/2003, you wrote:
> >
> > 2) I am not sure exactly how to alter my basal rate - in increments
> > as small as 0.1 units - based on the BG results.  Should I alter a
> > basal rate from two hours before, for a current blood sugar?   (I
> > know this is a common problem as a diabetes paper I read the other
> > day suggested that many patients do not know how to alter their
> > basal rates according to BG result)
> >
>1 hour for Humalog/NovoRapid, 2 hours for regular

I know that's the standard, but as with pretty much all things diabetic - 
YMMV! I find with Humalog my peak is at 90minutes. When I was on Actrapid 
(which I believe is Regular by another name), I hit my peak at 3 hours, so 
I adjust (and used to adjust) using those time increments.


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