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[IPk] air travel again

flew Cardiff Belfast recently.I was fine with outward journey as have had to
have hand luggage searched beforeat cardiff and they were fine when I
explained what my medical supplies were for,
so feel at ease here
  at Belfast International I denied carrying any sharp objects when asked.
There were signs with lists of forbidden objects in hand luggage including
syringes. No waivers saying unless accompanied by letter from doc/
prescription label etc etc. why would anyone want to put a syringe in their
checked in luggage. If it is medically necessary for them to inject any form
of medication then it is surely important enough not to want to loose it. They
only reason I can think of for storing a syringe in the hold is if it is to be
used for illegal purposes, for vetinary use ( when presumably the animal can
wait until you get home) or as a spare just in case hand luggage is stolen. I
went through without any problem but felt threatened. The trouble is tha there
are so many people who would put supplies in hold and risk loosing them and
getting ill because they have not been taught to be assertive or are tooo
gullible and trustng
i know in the US theFAA is responsible for regulations re above. I wonder what
the UK equivalent is. ?CAA. It would be useful to have a printout of official
regulations to show in case some officious little jerk gives you a hard time
and the senior person doesn't know any better or isn't available
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