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Re: [IPk] Basal rate testing

> Anyway....... the problems with my basal testing, which I am
> desperate to persevere and make work, are;
> 1) there rarely is a period of longer than 3.5 hours in which I do
> not eat.  Given that a Humalog bolus lasts for roughly three and a
> half hours, there are few waking moments which are suitable for
> basal testing.  So..... I ought to skip meals in order to take these
> essential tests.  I have found it very difficult to curb my appetite
> to allow me to take the tests - I am a growing young man with a
> large appetite - normally eat aroud 100 carbs for lunch, 150 for
> dinner .  Is it safe to skip meals throughout the day?

With a pump, you can skip meals for a day if you like, though you 
should not do this for basal testing. There is a HOWTO on the insulin 
pumpers web site that describes in some detail how to go about basal 
testing. The short version is: to break it into 3 or 4 managable 
periods of the day starting preferably with nights. Duplicate the 
profile "curve" for each period then adjust your basals accordingly. 
Most people only need 3 -4 different rates. There is also a 
simulation tool on the web site HOWTO page that will give you a good 
idea of what to expect for a give change of basal rate.

first two links

> 2) I am not sure exactly how to alter my basal rate - in increments
> as small as 0.1 units - based on the BG results.  Should I alter a
> basal rate from two hours before, for a current blood sugar?   (I
> know this is a common problem as a diabetes paper I read the other
> day suggested that many patients do not know how to alter their
> basal rates according to BG result)

1 hour for Humalog/NovoRapid, 2 hours for regular

> 3) I am not sure what blood sugar to *aim* for? Orthodox figures are
> 4 -6 mmol, but I *feel* hypo at 5mmol

That will go away as you become used to "normal" bg levels. Aim for a 
little higher night time level, +20%
> 4) activity levels vary from day to day.  Should I find a 'resting'
> basal rate first, and then adapt to activity accordingly?

> Any suggestions on how to go about practical basal rate testing
> would be welcome.
Read the HOWTO. If you have a copy of Pumping Insulin (you should), 
read the chapter on basal rate testing. 
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