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Re: [IPk] The Times article

Sorry for my cynicism, Karen, and it's certainly not directed at you, but I 
do think that journalists should do their research more thoroughly.

Pumps are not "new", for a start, they've been around in a portable form 
for at least 25years, and in a non-portable form for almost 50 years.

And the choice of language! She "admits"' they're 'pump evangelists'.

Give me a break! Someone needs to put a rocket up this journalist's bottom 
and teach her some facts.

OK, I'm over it now ...


At 09:49 PM 12/03/2003, you wrote:

>A needle match
>By Jane Feinmann
>A pump that releases insulin has been dubbed the closest thing to a 
>healthy pancreas, yet diabetics are divided over it
>MEDICAL ADVANCES are typically greeted with much fanfare so why has the 
>news that the NHS is to provide diabetics with a new tool to control this 
>difficult and potentially dangerous disorder been met instead with uneasy 


>"We are all pump evangelists here," admits Sandra Dudley, the hospital's 
>diabetes specialist nurse. "The first time you see someone's life being 
>changed when they get the pump, you think it's a fluke. When it happens 
>every time you realise that this is something special."

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