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[IPk] Laser Treatment

 I wonder if anyone can enlighten me a little. In 1993 I had a very small amount
of laser treatment to zap a small amoung of leaky vessels on my right eye. Since
then I have beens seeing an Opthamologist on a regular basis. My eyes have been
fine throughout this time. Prior to yesterday my last appointment was in
November. When I had my apointment yesterday they noticed some changes and
decided to do an angigram on my eyes. They discovered that I have leaky vessels
right around my focusing parts of my eyes(Pupils). They are suprised that it has
happened so suddenly, as am I. My blood sugars have been fine for the past year
and my HBA1 is very good too. I would have expected this sort of thing to happen
when my control was bad, but not to suddenly occur when my control is so good.
Can anyone offer any suggestions?


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