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RE: [IPk] Occlusion Warnings

Hi Julian

Just to back-up what Di was saying, my occlusion alrams have
always been reservoir related.  Usually because I have
forgotten to twist the plunger up and down and smear the
lubricant through the reservoir.  My alarms are usually
mid-bolus though and I have to disconnect, free the plunger
on the reservoir, re-prime and re-connect and all is fine.  I
don't foget very often now!


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 For the past few days I have been getting occlusion warnings
on my pump on a
regular basis. I've changed the set a couple of times changed
the batch of
insulin and adapter. This hasn't resolved the problem. There
seems to be one
pattern though, it tends to happen between 5am and midday
then everything is
fine again. When I get the warning the pump goes into stop
mode and all I have
to do to correct it is put it back into start. Then it is
fine until the next
time. As usual, I'm sure it is something I am doing wrong.
Does anyone have any
suggestions to assist me in getting an extra hour in bed :)

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