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Re: [IPk] Occlusion Warnings

Hi Julian
I would guess that the reason it happens at night is because there's a long
period where you're not bolusing, so there's never much insulin going in at
a time (which can sometimes clear occlusions).
Have you also tried changing the reservoir?
I had the same problem once and found I was using out-of-date reservoirs and
clearly they were sticking, thus causing occlusions.
Just a thought
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Subject: [IPk] Occlusion Warnings

> For the past few days I have been getting occlusion warnings on my pump on
> regular basis. I've changed the set a couple of times changed the batch of
> insulin and adapter. This hasn't resolved the problem. There seems to be
> pattern though, it tends to happen between 5am and midday then everything
> fine again. When I get the warning the pump goes into stop mode and all I
> to do to correct it is put it back into start. Then it is fine until the
> time. As usual, I'm sure it is something I am doing wrong. Does anyone
have any
> suggestions to assist me in getting an extra hour in bed :)
> Julian
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