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Re: [IPk] ?? faulty humalog (expiry May 2004)

This happened to me a few years back with short acting insulin (can't 
remember whether it was humalog or penfil actrapid), given by pen device. I 
opened the box and used a vial, marked on the outside of the box with a use 
by date about two years ahead. I had problems with it. Then changed the vial. 
Still highs. Did this again, then double checked the date on the box, then 
happened to look at the dates on the vials. What a shock! The vials were out 
of date! I took them back to the chemist and told them what had happened. (I 
had been struggling for about two to three weeks with highs at this point). 
He checked a few other boxes with the same date, and found a couple with the 
same batch number had vials with a different date inside! He sent them back 
to the manufacturer/supplier, but I never heard anything and didn't follow it 
up. It shows that it does pay to check things out. I always check the dates 
correspond now! 
But thanks for the warning. It does show that mistakes can be made by the 
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