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[IPk] ?? faulty humalog (expiry May 2004)

Got a vial of humalog (expiry May 2004) from my
chemist last week, and refilled my pump with it last
Thursday evening.  My sugars had climbed slightly by
bedtime but I presumed it was just that I hadn't taken
enough of a bolus at dinner time so took a correction
bolus and went to bed....woke up at about 3am feeling
thirsty..BG - 24 mmol/l......presumed it must have
been the infusion set so replaced that,  took
correction bolus....BG's dropped to 20 mmol/l after
about an hour but then started to climb (reached 30
mmol/l)....replaced the reservoir and infusion set and
gave the humalog with a syringe just in case...BG's
dropped slightly again but then began to climb yet
again - finally realised that it might be the insulin
and tried a new vial...BG dropped to normal within 30
minutes and remained fine afterwards.
I dropped the remainder of the ? faulty vial back to
my chemist and he is sending off to be tested.   It
may be just a one off and I hope I'm not being
alarmist but I just thought I'd write a quick note
anyone else finds themselves with the same problem
because certainly faulty insulin was the last thing I
thought of!!

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